United Press International: CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency war-games have predicted unfavorable consequences of a U.S. pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.
Newsweek quoted an Air Force source as saying, "The war-games were unsuccessful at preventing the conflict from escalating."
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Bloomberg: Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Europe's second-largest oil company by market value, bid last month to develop new oil fields in Iran as its existing development contracts run out, a Shell spokesman said.
The Iranian National Oil Co., the second-largest state-owned oil company in the Middle East, said last week it was reviewing bids by foreign companies to explore and develop 16 potential oil fields.
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AFP: Around 200 members of Iran's hardline Basij militia staged a fresh rally outside the French embassy in Tehran Tuesday in protest at a ban on Muslim girls wearing the headscarf in French state schools.
"France is a prison for women", "France's decision is against human rights," and "French law is a disgrace," were among the slogans heard being chanted by the crowd, brough to the dowtown diplomatic compound in buses.
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Iran Focus: Thousands of Iranians from as far away as Australia gathered outside the headquarters of the European Union today to demand the removal of the largest Iranian opposition group from the European Union’s list of terrorist groups. They called on the EU to abandon its “failed” policy of engagement vis-à-vis the Iranian regime and adopt a firmer approach to Tehran.
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AFP: Around 5,000 supporters of Iran's main armed opposition group, the People's Mujahedeen, demonstrated in Brussels Monday in front of the building where EU foreign ministers were meeting, police said.
The National Council of Resistance of Iran, which called the rally, claimed that 25,000 people took part.
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Iran Focus: TEHRAN, Aug. 30 - Iranian Defense Minister Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani told a meeting of senior military officiers at the headquarters of the joint chiefs of staff, on Sunday that the Islamic Republic of Iran is “the undisputable power in the region.”
Shamkhani said Iran has achieved “an effective deterrent power" to confront its “enemies” in the region. He did not elaborate.
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Iran Focus: Thousands of Iranians will be heading to Brussels from across Europe on Monday, September 13, to take part in a huge rally outside the offices of the European Union as EU foreign ministers meet inside, Iranian exiles said.
The rally is being organized by supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, a coalition of democratic opposition groups seeking to topple the theocratic regime in
Iran and establish a democratically-elected government in its place.
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Iran Focus: Paris - Iran on Wednesday revised upwards to 31,000 from an earlier estimate of 26,000 the number of people killed in a devastating tremor in the southern Iranian city of Bam last December.
"Based on the latest statistics, 30,948 were killed in the catastrophic disaster in Bam," Kerman Governor General Mohammad Ali Karimi was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying.
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Reuters: Thousands of Iranians are expected to volunteer to  act as human shields in case of a military attack on one of the country's key nuclear facilities, the group organising the effort said on Wednesday.
The volunteers would protect a nuclear reactor under construction with Russian help in the southern port city of Bushehr, said the Committee for the Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign.
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AP: Calling war divisive for the country, President Bush said he will continue pursuing diplomatic rather than military options to try to get Iran to halt its nuclear program.
Earlier this month, Iran confirmed it had resumed building nuclear centrifuges, which can be used to enrich uranium to weapons grade, and declared it should have the right to advanced nuclear technology.
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#Iran - April 10 - Bojnurd, North Khorasan Province, Northeast

April 10 - Shadegan, Khuzestan Province, SW #Iran

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Seems to be Lorestan Province, western #Iran Horrifying footage of a road literally collapsing

#IranFloods-April 4, Poledokhtar,Lorestan province W #Iran

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Iran Sugarcane Workers Protest Unpaid Wages on 10th Day of Strike

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Yazd, Iran. July 23, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Iran, Tehran – Anti-Regime Chants in Protest, June 25

Iran, Tehran – Major Protest With Chants of ‘We Will Fight, We Will Die, but We’ll Take Back Iran’